2012 Season Prizegiving.


The Dee S.C. prizegiving for the 2012 season took place on Sunday 3rd of February.  The club was packed with sailors and partners enjoying the food, drink and of course the awards ceremony.

Commodore Colin Thomas started by inviting all the junior sailors that could attend to collect their award certificates.


The prizegiving then continued with the fleet prizes.

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And onto the special awards.

The Hiscocks Challenge Trophy is awarded to Mike Wray for his sailing perfomances and rescue service to the club throughout the year and the Ladies Challenge Bowl is awarded to Natallie Price for her performances sailing with other half  Ollie on their Dart 18.



And finally the main award of the day, the Routeledge Award

Chris Weston bosses the citation for Colin Trantom for his extensive efforts fighting the spartina grass.


The full list of main prize winners is given below.  Well done everyone !

DSC Regatta1st JuniorCharlie Ewing
Monohull Overall1stIan Mclean
Fast Catamaran Spring Series2ndMatt Pollock
Fast Catamaran Champagne Series2ndColin Thomas
Fast Catamaran Champagne Series1stRob Lucking
Fast Catamaran Summer Series2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Autumn Series2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Overall2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Spring Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Summer Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Autumn Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Overall1stAndy Potter
Best Written Cruise reportGlyn Jones
Cruiser Overall1stMaggie Hammond
Cruiser Overall1stRoy Sheriff
Long Distance Race1st CruiserAlex Reed
Long Distance Race1st CruiserMark Astbury
DSC Regatta1st CruiserKenny Williams
DSC Regatta1st CruiserMike Shillaker
Dart 18 Spring Series3rdChris Aspinall
Dart 18 Champagne series3rdLee Mathews
Dart 18 Champagne series2ndIan Smith
Dart 18 Autumn Series3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Premier Series3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Overall3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Champagne series1stOllie Price
DSC Regatta1st Dart18Ollie Price
Dart 18 Spring Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Summer Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Autumn Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Premier Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Overall2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Spring Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Summer Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Autumn Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Premier Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Overall1stJames Douglas
Coronation Pursuit Race1stSimon Moruzzi
Round Hilbre1st CatamaranSimon Moruzzi
Club Championships1st DinghyMichael Dodd
Club Championships1st CatamaranWill Thopmson
Hiscocks Challenge TrophyMike Wray
Ladies Challenge BowlNatalie Price
The Routeledge AwardK.C.Trantom
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