Bart’s Bash – 21st Sept

Barts Bash

Those of you who followed the America’s Cup last year and who read the yachting press will be aware of the tragic death of British Olympic sailor Bart Simpson during a training sail and the subsequent setting up of a charitable foundation in his name and the Bart’s Bash sailing race organized for this month

The race is an attempt to create a world record for the largest number of participants in a yacht race and to raise money for the foundation. Over 600 clubs have entered the event including ourselves. Unfortunately we are unlikely to qualify for being part of the biggest yacht race aspect because qualifying clubs need to have at least 25 boats racing and we are unlikely to achieve this. However we can still compete in the Bart’s Bash ‘race’ and the club will be organizing one of our scheduled club races on 21st Sept to qualify for the event

The Bart’s Bash organizing team would like sailors to pre-enter on their website although this is not compulsory and entries can be made on the day. There will be a minimum entry fee of £5 for each entry into the qualifying race, all of which will go to the foundation. You can donate more if you like or even get sponsorship etc.  Have a look at the web-site for full details and how to pre-enter

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