Club Championships

Are the holidays over? I guess they must be, with 11 cats and two monohulls racing, with another six cruisers visiting Wales, making 19-plus boats on the water in what can only be described as miserable weather. Unless you’ve just returned from holiday, when it would be described to the children as “Getting brighter. Soon. Maybe tomorrow. Go and find some colouring in, now…”

Perhaps there was a shortage of colouring in today, or was it the high stakes event that brought everyone out, for the competitive souls were there for the Club Championships. Team Goudie did an excellent job as Race Officers, after postponing the start for an hour in all, and still managing to arrange three races of a decent length in very light conditions.

As for the results: Monohulls and Catamarans Quite a mix here, with the Darts doing best of all, and the Shadow bringing up the rear. I blame the holiday!

PS I can’t think why Iain was so keen to see the combined results. Something to do with being in front of catamarans on his new toy perhaps!

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