Dee SC to Beaumaris Pier

The goal is fairly obvious. The clock starts when the helm steps into the water at the Dee SC and it runs until he steps onto the jetty at Beaumaris Pier. The challenge is to cope with whatever lies in between.

As far as we know, this was first attempted on 27 July 2004 by a couple of catamarans. Their times were:

  • Fastest Elapsed Time
    Alasdair Davidson and Jon Dayton, Nacra F18: 6 hours 30 minutes, on 27 July 2004
  • Non-stop
    Simon Stannard and Adrian Mould, Spitfire: 7 hours 13 minutes and 31 seconds, on 27 July 2004
  • Monohull Non-stop
    2005 has seen a record set for a monohull (non-stop):
    Quentin Jones, Wayfarer: 8 hours 25 minutes, on 6 June 2005
  • Round Hilbre
    Again, fairly obvious we hope! The race is from the normal Start Line off Thurstaston to Hilbre Island, keeping it to port, and back through the Line. The record for the fastest time was set at 1:00:24 in 2002 by Alasdair Davidson and Brigid Loughlin on their Nacra F18 and stood until 30 April 2006. The new record was set by Jonathan Harris and Simon Stannard on a Spitfire, with the first elapsed time to break the one hour barrier: 0:58:31

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