Coronation Cup details for Sunday 26th June

CORONATION RACE : Sunday 26th June 2016

This is our Pursuit race, where the faster boats have to catch up the slower boats who start earlier.

It’s great fun, not one to be missed!

The race is based on the slowest boat racing for one and a half hours and is open to all fleets. 

The Mirrors will start first, their expected start time is 14:18, then to give you an idea see below for the delay to some of the other classes:

  • Vivacity 20 +12 mins
  • Hurley 22 +15 mins
  • Vortex +30 mins
  • Dart 15’s +31 mins
  • Dart 16’s +32 mins
  • Dart 18’s +38 mins
  • F18’s +45 mins
  • A Class +46 mins

I will email the Start Times spread sheet to your fleet captains to forward on.

Any final handicapping adjustments (bribery encouraged !) or changes to instructions will be posted on the notice board prior to racing.

Do please carefully note your start time and race number. 


START LINE between flag on the committee boat and Orange Buoy

COURSE to be indicated on the day.

FINISH LINE will be a line between two boats one of which be flying an Orange flag. Finish will be at the quoted finish time. Finish in the course direction from the previous mark.

Good Luck!!



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