The fleet consists of boats ranging from 17ft to 35ft, although anything above 26ft is usually kept in marinas around the coast due to the limitations of space and depth of water in the Dee estuary.

Our sailing area is mainly in the Dee estuary, with many two-tide sailings giving people the opportunity to sail all day.


We are fortunate to have access to many distant ports around Wales and the West coast of England. Due to the limitations of the fleet and size of craft we tend to go no further than Anglesey or Preston, although some are looking towards the IoM and South West of Scotland in the not too distant future.


Wind direction often decides where we operate. E.g: Westerly round to northerly: best not fighting wind and tide over long distances so stay in local “pond” and go round the cans. Southerly /Easterly: gives options to get out through the Middle Deep gap to Fun Ship or Greenfields and, after practice, the longer trip to Flint with possible race back in each case.

With few exceptions all Cruisers are left on swinging moorings in the Estuary from April until September, after which they are stored ashore.

cruiser1-1We have a welcome pack that is updated every year, and meet at least twice a year discuss training, events and planned cruises.

There is ample opportunity to learn boat handling skills with willing members who will join you on your boat or you can join them on their boats.

If you don’t own a boat you are welcome to crew alongside experienced sailors while you decide what would be the best boat for you.

cruiser2-2In this fleet you are not on your own members will always be on hand to offer advice, support you in some of the demanding tasks like stepping masts, recovery and launching.

Contact Roy Sheriff  for more information using the contact page here.

You also download the Cruiser Welcome Pack here. The file is quite large.

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