Dart 18Dart 18 Class Captain – Lee Matthews

Welcome to the biggest class of catamarans in the North West, the Dart 18. Over 40 years in existence, it is the most popular catamaran in Great Britain today. Some designs have it and the Dart 18 definitely does – strict one design class rules, close racing, good social life and most of all a really friendly class association.

Here are some of the many things said about the Dart 18 :

  • “The beautiful Dart 18 Catamaran, 18ft long, 7ft 6ins wide, 173 sq ft of sail can be sailed by one person or two. Weighs the same as a GP14 or Enterprise dinghy but has kick up rudders, no center boards and no boom.”
  • “Unlike many high performance designs you do not spend more time maintaining, preparing and tuning than you do actually sailing.”
  • “Reassuring stability, silent acceleration, exhilaration and WOW! Are a few of the words that you would hear in the dinghy park.”
  • “Dreaming of trapezing on a Dart 18 keeps you going through the whole working week.”
  • “The Dart 18 has a good re-sail value, rigging takes under 30 minutes and it is easy to tow behind a small car.”
  • “The Dart class association operates a personal handicap system to give all owners a fair crack at the prizes.” So 25 years on the Dart is still a competitive and friendly class. It has not lost it’s edge but has
  • matured with age. “The Wind is free, come and sail at the D.S.C.”


Simon Moruzzi and Jenni Donovan at the Felixstowe Ferry Dart 18 open meeting 2014.

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