Fleet Captain – Paul Oliver

The Dart 16 fleet is a one-design fleet, oriented to the youth and entry level sailor.

Paul & Michelle Roberts on the Mersey

Paul & Michelle Roberts at West Cheshire SC Regatta 2000


The Dart 16 was designed in 1997 by Yves Loday, an Olympic gold medallist, who also designed the Spitfire, Shadow, and the F18 Hawk and VX40, which can also be found in Dee’s Fast Cat fleet. (well, maybe not the VX40!!).

It is easy to see the similarities between the Dart 16 and the Spitfire, yet the boats have totally different characteristics.

The Dart 16 provides exciting performance, which can easily be handled by inexperienced crews making her ideal for beginners and youth sailors, as it’s exceptionally stable and forgiving.

In high winds, mainsail reefing is an option and the jib can be furled in seconds, on shore or afloat.

The hull shape with skegs (like the Dart 18) avoids the need for daggerboards which is a great advantage for sailing on the Dee Estuary.

The rudder system for the Dart 16 is easy to raise and lower and automatically kicks up should the rudders touch the seabed.

Dart 16s are made from amazingly tough plastic (Tecrothene 121) also used on the Laser Pico, which provides a unique combination of strength and rigidity.


Dart 16s at DSC Dart Open 2000

Dart 16s at DSC Dart Open 2000

In 2001 Dee Sailing Club has had a huge influence in the Circuit racing with 7 boats taking part in the series, which has made Dee the largest active fleet for Dart 16s.

Paul Roberts and his sister Michelle became National Champions at Worthing in 2001.

The club now has a fleet of about 7 active 16’s, 5 of these being the clubs boats which can be chartered usingĀ the online booking system.

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