Captain – M Wearing

Photo copyright: Peter Newton

Welcome to the best looking class in the North West, the Rescue Team. The only fleet that has been there through the entire existence of the club’s history and the only one guaranteed to be seen out at club racing come wind, rain or shine. Some designs have it and the Rescue Team definitely does – strict rules ensure the safety of the other sailors, as well beer, beer and more beer [Ed: apres sailing of course].

Here are some of the many things said about the Rescue Team:

  • “The beautiful Captain did a wonderful job.”
  • “Unlike my high performance boat, when the mast fell down, the Rescue Team are dependable.”
  • “Reassuring stability, acceleration, exhilaration and WOW! Are a few of the words that you would hear in the dinghy park.”
  • “Dreaming of taking the boat airborne is what keeps me going through the working week.”
  • “The RIB has a good resale value, rigging takes under 30 minutes and it is easy to tow behind a tractor.”
  • “The Rescue Team operates a personal handicap system to give all drivers a fair crack at the prizes. Sorry, no, the Rescue Team operate a handicap system known as B.E.R.T which puts lots of cracks in things.”

So some years on, the Rescue Fleet is still a competitive and friendly class. It has not lost its edge but it has failed to mature with age. “The Wind is free, come and sail at the D.S.C”., says the Dart 18 crew. “Blow that, we’re faster” says we!!!

To join the Rescue Team, contact the DSC Captain.

Photo copyright: Peter Newton


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