Flint Cruise Report

We had six boats on the cruise to Flint on Sunday despite the miserable weather. The prize for the most determined sailors has to go to Jonathan Jenkins and crew – who actually made it all the way to Flint (and back) despite the relative lack of wind… although they were forced to resort to motoring for some of the outward trip!

The rest of us ran out of time as the winds were very light on the outward trip, but we did make it to Wales and picked up a mooring in the cut at Greenfields to enjoy a (damp) butty and cup of tea before returning. The wind picked up slightly for the return trip, which got us all back to DSC under sail before the tide disappeared.

It was great to see so many boats out – hopefully if the sun ever shines we will muster an even bigger fleet! We managed to leave the beach pretty much on time, but experience shows that with six boats it is important to try and have the tractor start to pick up boats at least 30 minutes before we need to leave the beach as it takes a while to get them all down there.

There is only a small tide on Sunday – but if people want to come down and sail then there is either racing (14:50 start) or if there is any interest we can do some training (capsize recovery or man overboard drills anyone!) or potter in the local area. The Sunday after is the re-scheduled Coronation Cup. Peter and Rob won’t be defending their title from last year as Peter isn’t around, but if anyone would like crew for the race then I believe Rob is available and should be a good bet based on previous performance!

See you on the beach!
Jon Bloor

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