Handbook 2016

015870bb4551b48f50f5fb7f893c40f2c67b44485fAnecdotal evidence indicates that the production of ‘hard copy’ handbooks may be an unnecessary expense, as members tend not to use the books for reference and once received they are ‘filed’, never again to see the light of day. Postage alone costs in excess of £120 and the printing c.£500.

Your General Committee has therefore agreed that as a cost saving exercise, the handbooks would not be posted out to all members as a matter of course.  A smaller number of 2016 Handbooks have been printed this year.

The vast majority of members now have access to the internet and this much improved club website which contains all the handbook detail (including Sailing Programme, Fleet List, Members contact details) within the private member’s area https://www.dee-sc.co.uk/members-area/. (The information currently contained on the website will be updated with the new 2016 Handbook detail.)
If you would like a copy of the handbook, you can collect a copy from the bar at the clubhouse. Please only take one if you are going to use it.
A copy of the handbook will be posted to our ‘Outport’ members.

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