Introducing a new social experiment “The Daily’

Much has been made in recent times about social media, the explosion of Facebook, Twitter and the likes. Much of the news surrounding these new social media outlets have not been positive and yet as a society we continue to engage with them with increasing veracity.

Dee Sailing Club like most other organisations have taken a toe-dip into the world of social media, it has probably not escaped your attention the Facebook and Twitter logo’s on the left hand side of the page. You may or may not be aware that every time a news article is posted to this site, a news feed is automatically published to Facebook and Twitter.

Our posts on Twitter have led to many people following us, now I won’t go into the detail of what following means, but put simply people and organisations have shown and interest in our articles and want to be notified of when we do post.  Sailing Magazines, Insurance Companies and even a politician or two are amongst our followers.  We in turn follow lots of interesting companies, organisations and individuals but rarely do their stories ever get republished onto our website….Well that is until today!

For the next few weeks we will be trialling “The Daily”, this is a newspaper automatically created for us at 6am each morning and based purely on the sailing related twitter feeds we follow.  You can find the link on the menu bar on the top of this website and we encourage you to look around it to see what you think.

The real-estate space on our website is limited, and we don’t want to fill up the site with information that no-one will use, so if you like it, don’t like it or have comments on it – please send it through to

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