Laying Moorings:

Mooring space is limited and it would be appreciated if any DSC member wishing to lay a mooring at Thurstaston would consult the Cruising Fleet Captain in the first instance who will liase with interested parties and provide contacts for practical assistance.. The following information is provided by way of suggestion only and it remains the responsibility of every boat owner to ensure that his/her boat is safely moored. Neither the club nor its Officers accepts liability for any of the following information or for any arrangements made for mooring any boat.

Direction                      Legs should be laid SE-NW.

Anchors                      Home made varieties should be treated with great caution.

Wiring                          All shackles should be wired with mild steel galvanised wire. Pennant shackles should be replaced annually.

Swivels                        Replaced every two years. If a boat is lying to a rope strop and a pennant buoy, the swivel should be placed at the top of the pennant above the buoy connection.

Strops                         The tucks on the thimble end of a rope strop should be wired and heat fused. the strop must be served at the fair-lead point.

Snatch                         Occurs when ground chains are buried. A car tyre (with the interior bracing wires cut) can be shackled to a bight in the pennant and is very effective.


Regular checking is vitally important and mooring should be inspected every two months at least. Points to look out for are as follow.

1)         Wear in the chain links especially the top 3.5 metres of pennant.

2)         Wear in the shackle pins, threads and wiring and particularly in the swivel.

3)         Chafe in the strop at the roller or fair-lead point.

Boat Length                          Up to 22ft                              23-25ft

            and weight                                        1.5 tons                                 3.5 tons


Ground Chain                                     12mm diameter                       14mm diameter

Leg Length                                           2 x 15.5 metres                       2 x 18.5 metres

Anchors half fisherman or other approved type

Anchor Weight                        20kg each                               40kg each

Pennant length inc. rope strop            11 metres                                13 metres

Pennant chain size:

First 10ft up from ground                    14 mm diameter                      20 mm diameter

Remaining length                                10 mm diameter                      12 mm diameter

Shackle size equal to or larger than chain size

Swivel size                                          14 mm (diameter of metal)      20 mm (diameter of metal)

Strop (polypropylene/nylon rope)       At least 25mm diameter but bigger if you can, allowing for

Neoprene/Similar tube serving at the fairlead.

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