Membership Renewal Q&A

As you know, last year the club introduced the use of Webcollect to help manage collection of members subs, replacing a manual system which was complicated and very time consuming for the responsible membership secretary. The result has been a huge step forward for our club, making the collection of subs so much slicker and efficient; the last set of monthly accounts showing a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%, vital to help us keep the club on a solid financial footing in these difficult times.

Having received a number of questions from members about the renewal process we thought we would share a Q&A to help with your membership renewal process.

I paid last year on WebCollect by direct debit, do I need to do anything?

To renew your membership, no.  Both Annual and Monthly memberships will be renewed automatically.  

You will receive an email from GoCardless, our Direct Debit provider to let you know when payment will be taken.  

However, we need you to go into WebCollect to check all your details (and your household if applicable) are correct.  

Last year I paid by cheque, but now I would like to pay by Direct Debit.  How do I do this?

If you want to change to paying by Direct Debit, select members area, select ‘Manage/Renew my Subscription’ and ‘Renew All’ – then follow the online prompts.

I still want to pay by cheque.  How do I do this?

While paying using the Webcollect system is now the preferred method for the majority of members, we understand some members still prefer to pay by cheque. In this instance, please email so your membership can be renewed manually on the system.

I think I’ve made a mistake and set up a new membership instead of renewing my old one. Is this a problem?

This will probably result in you getting charged twice.  If this happens, please email and we will sort it out.  Whilst all your payments are protected, the club gets charged for claiming the money back via your bank and the scheme.  We are monitoring the renewals to spot for members making this mistake but it’s possible for one to slip through our checks.

I’ve checked my details and I need to add another boat storage onto my membership, how do I do this?

Select members area, select ‘Manage/Renew my Subscription’ and then select ‘Buy a different Subscription’ – You can then select your additional boat storage.  At this point of the year, any annual subscriptions for membership or storage are automatically rolled over to next year in line with the club rules.

I would like to change from monthly to annual payment (or vice-versa), how do I do this?

Please email and we can make those changes for you.

I would like to change my membership category (full to family etc), how do I do this?

Please email and we can make those changes for you.

I’ve sold one of my boats, so no longer need to pay for the storage, how do I stop that storage charge?

Please email and we can make those changes for you.

I’m being asked new questions when I try and update my details.  Why?

During the course of last year, we received recommendations from our insurers and the RYA to capture some additional information from our membership.  We are using WebCollect to collate this information.

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