Raid on Crooks Landing

The Raid on Crooks Landing this year was hotly contested; one of the closest in recent years. Defending Crooks Landing were Steve, Beryl, & Paul Roberts with Mike & Wes Johnson, Steve, Alex Douglas & Sophie Spedding.

The Raiders were unable to sail up this year due to the high waves & wind, but undeterred by the stormy conditions, and with the added incentive of a treasure chest of cakes, pop & other goodies, resorted to come up the River Dee and down the creek in Dawpool with Andy Morley, protected by two Dee ribs helmed by Jon Oliver & Steve Pollock.

Notorious scoundrel and pirate of the high Dee, A E Marston, flying the Jolly Roger brought his cut-throats ashore under heavy fire from water bombs & water pistols until they reached the depleted forces on Crooks Landing, where they returned fire.

An almighty battle followed with many (wet) casualties, chaos & mayhem which became a mad free-for-all, with some scores being settled, we think!

After the battle was over, a truce was called and everyone tucked into sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, cakes, cookies & pop.

With the loot secured, the Raiders returned to their boats and plotted a course home to their secret hideaway in the cliff tops of a little place named Thurstaston.

Lt Alex Douglas assured us that we won the battle!! Others might disagree?

It was a great day out, and I’m sure they will be back again next year when the tides are favourable.

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