Round Hilbre Race – 26th May

calendar postcard

Some may have noticed in the 2013 sailing calendar that the first Round Hilbre race is scheduled for 26th May, but you may be unaware that there is pride at stake and each year members try to beat the club record for it.  The race is from the normal Start Line off Thurstaston to Hilbre Island, keeping it to port, and back through the Line. The record for the fastest time was set at 1:00:24 in 2002 by Alasdair Davidson and Brigid Loughlin on their Nacra F18 and stood until 30 April 2006. The new record was set by Jonathan Harris and Simon Stannard on a Spitfire, with the first elapsed time to break the one hour barrier: 0:58:31.

We wonder if the club record will stand for another year or if someone will manage to break the 58m 31s record finally; good luck everyone.

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