West Kirby lifeboat rescues three boys cut off by the tide

West Kirby inshore lifeboat was launched yesterday to rescue three young people cut off by a rising tide.

The Coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat following a call from a member of the public who noticed the three boys in distress approximately one-mile out from the beach from Sally’s Cottage, Thurstaston, surrounded by the incoming tide.

The three boys, all friends aged 15 years, were out with a large family group visiting the area at Thurstaston beach when they became separated after deciding to walk out to the water approximately one mile offshore.

The group of originally six young people became split after three of the group decided to return to the shore as the incoming tide began to surround them.

The other three panicked and returned to the sandbank where they became surrounded by the incoming tide and eventually cut off from the land.

The West Kirby lifeboat was launched with a crew of three volunteers who arrived at the scene within three minutes of launching from the West Kirby moorings and found the three boys cold wet and relieved to see them.

The lifeboat crew ensured that the other three boys who had returned earlier had reached safety and after a further search of the sandbank assisted by the safety boats from Dee Sailing Club the lifeboat returned the three stranded boys to their grateful family group on the beach at Thurstaston.

The RNLI lifeboat was recovered at West Kirby moorings approximately forty minutes later.

Dave Henshaw West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat operations manager said: “It is most important to know and understand the tides particularly in an estuary like the Dee where there are numerous sandbanks, gullies and deep mud that will catch out the unprepared, particularly on an incoming tide that can rise faster than walking pace.”

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