Whilst some “hoodies” rioted……

…..our own Cam “Mop Head” Douglas was in La Rochelle at the Laser Radial Youth Worlds.  Managing a very impressive 10th in the world out of 271 when considering the windage the aforementioned hair creates, even winning one race along the way.

You can see the results for the worlds by clicking here

The Euros was held at the same time, with Cam getting an overall result of 7th!  It was a tricky week with the land breeze fighting sea breeze all week so as with all events he had chances to medal but he is pleased with the end picture. He was very consistent as you can see from the gross points (Ed: and it’s good to note there was no BFD’s for once!!!).

You can see the European results by clicking here,

Cam and I are doing the Fastnet race starting on Sunday in the Douglas Yacht , Spirit of Jacana, you can follow the race on the Fastnet Website

Cam "Mop Head" Douglas (in the middle)


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